Parish Staff 
Pastor:   Fr.  Tom Burdick   (951)325-7707

Pastoral Associate:   Olivia Obregon   (951)325-7707

Parish Secretary/Sacramental Administrator:   Susan Fennessy  (951)325-7707

Administrative Assistant:   Gracy Ibarra  (951)325-7707

Bookkeeper:   Martha Arriaga   (951)325-7707

Youth Director & Sacramental Preparation: Chris Vital  (951)325-7707 or (626)513-1337

Ministry Directory

Small Faith Community: Fr. Tom  (951)325-7707

Baptism (Infant & Child):  Bob and Mary Klinger  
                                        Call Susan Fennessy for more information  Office (951)325-7707 Cell (951)323-4123

Marriage Preparation:  Ray & Lyne Kridle 
                                     Call Susan Fennessy Office (951)325-7707 Cell (951)323-4123

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults:   For Inquiry into the Catholic Faith call Jolene Vert   (951)440-8505
                                                           For the Process of Initiation call Al Mozingo  (951)926-2221
                                                           For Returning Catholics call Ray Kridle (951)316-8528

Eucharistic Ministers: George Gurney  (951)392-2706

Altar Servers:  Angela Parent (951)926-0621

Ushers:  Bob Neff  (951)699-2602

Lectors:  Linda Rathfon  (951)234-7783 or Chris Nguyen (951)710-0541

Life Teen and Edge: Chris Vital (951)325-7707 or (626)513-1337

Filipino Ministry;    Ray Paner  (951)926-0130

Hispanic Ministry:  Leticia Diaz    (951)926-5708

Vietnamese Ministry:  Kim Oanh Vu   (951)375-6687

Ministering to the Sick & Eucharist to Shut-ins:  (English) Madeleine Flynn (951)223-3345 or 
                                                                           (Spanish) Emilia Palomino (951)894-1046

Cursillo:  Margarita Castillo  (951) 265-8904

Couples for Christ:   Bob Victa  (951) 600-8475

Worldwide Marriage Encounter:   Chris & JoAnne Mier (951)672-3380

Respect Life:   Nancy Murphy  (951)676-1331 or email

Bible Study:   Susan Fennessy Cell (951)323-4123 or email

Blue Army:  Julie Jaramillo  (951)926-0497

Legion of Mary: Kathy Pipenhagen  (951)926-6666

Little Church:  Nick Morin  (951)285-8710

Knights of Columbus:    Cary Brooks  (858)688-9762

Music Ministry:  Norma Messina  (951)461-9912