Welcome Folks!  

Have you heard of Mother Teresa of Calcutta? Do you want to experience the same God that inspired her life? Know the same Savior, Jesus Christ? Then join us on Sunday (or Saturday 
evening vigil) for the most ancient and yet ever new experience of worship. I am Fr. Tom 
Burdick. Some people call me Tom the Priest, but what I want to be known as is a Servant of God among those who are servants of God - the great people of Saint Mother Teresa Parish.

Look through our website, discover something about us, but most of all, take the step to join us in worship of God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. 

When you do come our way, take a minute to introduce yourself to me or any of those who are in leadership roles (name tags give them away) and then see if this might be the spiritual home you are looking for.

It might be a little thing to stop by our Church on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, but as Saint Mother Teresa would say, all that God asks is that we do “small things with great love…. I will pray for you that you do small things with great Love”.

God Bless,

Fr. Tom Burdick

If you are visiting our website for the first time, we welcome you! We are a Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of San Bernardino serving Winchester, parts of Murrieta and Temecula, and all of French Valley.

We are a dynamic and diversified group of people worshiping the Lord and serving humanity.  If you would like to join our parish, we encourage you to fill out a Registration Form online or at the worship center.

A Time and Talent form is also available for you to volunteer for any of the ministries of the parish.