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Tuesday, April 26, 2016 6:30-8:00pm in the Worship Center

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Edge/Confirmation/Life Night

Middle School.It was hard then. 
It’s even harder now.

We all remember that middle school was awkward and difficult. That hasn't changed. However, societal shifts have made the middle school years more difficult than ever.

Age Compression

Today, middle school youth are having experiences that were common only with high school students just 15 years ago. Threats of violence, availability of drugs and alcohol, and pervasiveness of sex and pornography are the new norm.


Adolescence show physical development, yet they still have cognitive limits in information retention and decision making. Unsteady emotional development leads to impulsive behavior.

Relationship Dynamics

Through each year of middle school, young people are in the process of moving from being family-centered to friend-centered. Peers gain greater influence and parental authority is called into question.


As middle school youth develop intellectually, they no longer accept faith simply because it is what their parents believe. They have real questions that need real  answers.

We Meet Every other Tuesday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm....We have FOOD!!!!

New Roman Missal for Middle School

EDGE / Middle School Faith Formation Full Payment: $70.00


Why Youth Love 

It's a fun, safe place to spend 
time with their Catholic friends

They get answers to their 
unanswered questions about
their Catholic faith.

They experience Jesus Christ in a 
profound, personal way.

They feel like they are important 
to everyone else in the parish.

Why Parents Love 

Edge gives middle schoolers a 
chance to build strong Catholic 
friendships before the enter high 

They are given talking points via 
email or in a flyer after every 
Edge night.  Now parents can 
talk the Edge Night further in a 
conversation on the drive home.

Their children are given Catholic 
role models on the Core Team 
who reinforce what is already 
being taught within the home.  
Parents often join the Core 
Team too.

Edge understands the physical, 
psychological, cognitive, 
relational, and spiritual 
maturation of middle school 

Interested in joining 
our EDGE Core 

Contact Info:
Anna Maria Espinoza
Director of Youth Formation
(951) 325-7707