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Reconciliation / Eucharist Prep

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Preparation for the Sacraments of

Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation



Preparation for a Sacrament requires a separate structure of teaching. Sacrament preparation focuses on the Sacrament itself. Sacraments are a wonderful outward expression of God’s grace and give us divine life. Why and how this is conveyed takes preparation before the Sacrament is received by an individual. Ultimately, the on-going formation of Faith and the Sacrament go hand in hand because we begin to see the calling to worship God, to build up the Church, to deepen our faith, to pray more fervently, to connect us with the living  Traditions of the Church, and to sanctify us. Understanding this fully may require a letting-go of previous structures or expectations.  Parents of children preparing for a Sacrament attend one session a month for the Sacrament of Reconciliation , Eucharist and Confirmation.  These sessions prepare the parent to catechize (teach) their child in the preparation of the Sacrament(s).  All children preparing for a Sacrament must also attend Faith Formation. 

      Our parent handbook will hopefully bring a greater understanding of our goals and objectives in catechizing and preparing children for Sacraments here at Blessed Teresa Parish.


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Religious Education

Religious Education 16-17, registration packet

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This year's Registration packet is available for download below.

Forms 1-4 must be turned into the parish office to complete your child(ren)'s registration. Forms 5-9 contain important information, and are for the parents to keep. Please call the parish office at 951-325-7707 if you have any questions.

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