Welcome to St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish, a growing Roman Catholic community of the San Bernardino Diocese, serving those in Winchester, Murrieta, and French Valley California. Our church is filled with good stewards yearning for a deeper connection with Christ by serving one another with the different gifts God gave us just as Mother Teresa did. Take the step to join us during daily or weekly mass in worship of God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.
 “Let us always meet with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love” – St. Mother Teresa

Urgent Message!

From the Office of Bishop Gerald Barnes - Protect the Seal of Confession – (view documentVote ‘NO’ on SB360 A matter of great urgency related to our ability as Catholics to freely provide and receive the Sacrament of Confession in California has arisen in the form of a proposed law, Senate Bill 360The “Seal of Confession” – so important for the penitent to feel that they can freely confess their sins and find Reconciliation with God – would be broken by SB360. Bishop Barnes and Msgr. Tom want to encourage and urge you to contact by phone or email the State Assembly Member in the District in which you live immediately. Tell them to vote ‘No’ on SB360. You may also make your voice heard through the Action Alert process of the Catholic Legislative Network at: * 

Oppose Bill Targeting "Seal of Confession" - select link below


Go to Site and email State Assembly Members too - below 

Jeff Stone (R) Phone: (951) 894-3530 Fax: (951) 894-3536 Website: https://stone.cssrc.us/

Melissa Melendez (R) Phone: (951) 894-1232 Website: https://ad67.asmrc.org/

Marie Waldron (R) Phone: (760) 480-7570 Fax: (760) 480-7516 Website: https://ad75.asmrc.org/

Mass Times

5:30pm (Vigil)
7:30pm (Vietnamese)

8:30am (Spanish)
12 Noon
5pm (Youth)

Daily Mass
Mon. – Wed. & Fri.- 7:30am
Thursday- 6:30pm
Friday- 6:30pm (Spanish)
Saturday- 8am

Divine Mercy
Directly after daily mass

Saturday- 8:30am
Weekdays- After mass by request
Rectory- By Appointment

Every 1st Thursday 7pm- 9pm & Friday 8am- 10:30am of the month

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Office Hours
Monday thru Friday 9am - 4pm

Office Address
31579 Vintners Pointe Ct., Winchester, CA 92596

Mission Statement

Our church is a worshipping, Catholic community with many ministries, fellowships, and discipleship groups. We are members of the Body of Christ, drawn together and renewed by the Holy Spirit, nurtured by the Sacraments and guided by the word of God toward the full stature of Jesus Christ. Called to be good stewards, graced by God, we serve one another, using our differing gifts with joyful hearts, as we reach out to our neighbors, inviting them to share in the love of God, Faith in Jesus Christ and the experience and certain hope of life in the Holy Spirit.