Our High School Confirmation program meets every Sunday from 6:15-8PM.  We begin right after Mass in the Sanctuary to break open the Word (they will need a Bible that they can use and make their own) followed by food in the Social room. (We ask any family who is able to contribute once a month.)


After our opening and dinner, everyone will head to class. Class time is a little over an hour.

Class Topics/Themes

- 1st year is Theology of the Body for teens.  

- The topics for 2nd year are flexible, beginning with Apologetics or Church History with a choice of study options for the second semester.

 - Those in their final year of preparation will be using the Chosen curriculum and will receive training in Ministries. There is also a ministry and online option for third year for those who interview for it.

A large part of our faith is community and the family. Religious Education/Faith Formation is a lifelong process. To encourage this, we also require participation parent formation. 

Parent formation options

- Attend Sancta Familia on the 3rd Sunday of the month after the Noon Mass with your family.

- Weekly class formation on Tuesday or Wednesday (Tuesdays ending with a Rosary) from 4:30-5:45pm.

- Speaker series (topics TBD) offered monthly on 1st Sundays after the 5pm Mass during Confirmation class.

- Joining a group/ ministry within the Parish (example:  MOM’s, Men’s Fellowship, Knights of Columbus, Divine Mercy, Blue Army, Bible Study, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors…….)


Other Important Requirements

Since this is preparation for a Sacrament, we require online makeup for all classes even if you join late.  Remember that Confirmation is about receiving extra blessings and grace - NOT choosing to be Catholic. If you are struggling with your faith, come and find out what the church really believes and open your heart to becoming a full member of this beautiful community!  

As part of the Confirmation Formation, you will need to begin the first year of preparation with a sponsor. Your sponsor must attend a workshop with you.

These workshops will be held on Saturdays (Jan 12 or Feb 2 from 1-4pm or Feb 16 from 10-1pm). While it is preferred for the Sponsor to attend with the candidate, a parent can attend if the sponsor is unavailable and only if sponsor form is properly filled out and submitted prior to the workshop. The candidate will then have to share what they learned with their sponsor, walk them through the workshop and report back to Diane.

This Diocese requires a retreat during the final year of Confirmation preparation.  This year’s retreat has been scheduled for Nov 30-Dec 2 for Confirmation 3 students.  This is a mandatory retreat for those who wish to be Confirmed. 

For those in their 1st and 2nd year, they have two choices to fulfill their retreat requirement:  A weekend retreat October 5-7th or a daylong retreat May 4th.

Each small group will complete service work for the year.  If they are unable to complete it with their group they will be responsible to complete an alternative service project approved by Diane.

Coordinator: Diane Axline