What to What to expect in the Confirmation Program in 2017-18

Our 3 year Confirmation program meets every Sunday from 6:15-8PM.  We require parents to attend the first Sunday of every month for Sancta Familia, now tailored for parents older kids and will include building of community with other parents dealing with teen issues from a Catholic perspective.  Confirmation classes will occur during Sancta Familia and Middle Schoolers will be welcome.    

Our Program begins right after our Youth Mass.  This is a critical part of the program as it is when we build up their community.  We will meet in the Sanctuary to break open the Word and sign-ins followed by food in the Social room.   All families will receive weekly texts with what we will be eating and a link to sign up to bring food.  Everyone is expected to help with food or set up and clean up at least once a month. 

After our opening everyone will head to class.  Class time is a little over an hour. 

  • Our first year, Year A (formerly pre-con), is focused on how they can live out their vocation as a Catholic using is Theology of the Body and Finding True Happiness as their foundation.   
  • Year B (formerly con1) focuses on the traditions of the Church including the Mass and Church History. 
  • Year C (formerly con2), their final year of preparation, will focus on service and Mission and will use the series “Chosen” as their foundation.  Online content will be available.   

Since this is preparation for a Sacrament, only 6 absences are allowed each year including late registration.  If you exceed that, talk to Diane for make-up materials.  Remember that Confirmation is about receiving extra blessings and grace NOT choosing to be Catholic.  If you are struggling with your faith, come and find out what the church really believes and open your heart to becoming a full member of this beautiful community! 

      As part of the Confirmation Formation, you will need a Saint name and to begin the process with a sponsor who is a confirmed, practicing Catholic who is NOT your parent or guardian. All First year Confirmation registrations will include a sponsor form.  You will need to turn the signed and sealed sponsor form by Christmas break.  Your sponsor must attend a workshop with you in the first or second year of Confirmation and are encouraged to attend in later years. 

      - These workshops will be held on Saturdays:  January 13 for year A student and their sponsors and February 3 or March 3 for any others who would to attend or who missed their workshop last year.  While it is preferred for the Sponsor to attend with the candidate, a parent can attend IF THE SPONSOR IS ABSOLUTELY UNAVAILABLE AND ONLY IF THE SPONSOR FORM IS PROPERLY FILLED OUT AND SUBMITTED BEFORE THE WORKSHOP!  The candidate will then have to share what they learned with their sponsor,  walk them through the workshop and report back to Diane. 

This Diocese requires a retreat during the final year of Confirmation preparation.  This year’s retreat has been scheduled for Nov 10-12 and will be reserved for Confirmation 1 and Confirmation 2 students only.  ALL OF THOSE IN THEIR FINAL YEAR OF PREPARATION MUST ATTEND-NO EXCEPTIONS.  Anyone in their first and second year can choose instead to attend the shorter retreat on April 22 or another Youth Ministry event, but everyone should attend an activity outside of class or workshops. 

For Service work, we will walk through one Spiritual work of Mercy each month: In September-bear wrongs patiently, in November-pray for the living and the dead, in December-comfort the afflicted, in January-council the doubtful, in February- forgive offenses willingly, in March-admonish sinners and in April-instruct the ignorant.  Each person will be expected to perform a work of mercy each month after brainstorming ideas with their class. If you have ideas we can use for each, let me know.

Coordinator: Diane Axline