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Catholic Men's Fellowship

Catholic Men's Fellowship is a lay ministry, fully approved by the Church, that reaches out to all Catholic men. We act to encourage one another to strengthen our faith in Christ and to become better sons, brothers husbands, fathers and friends.


Catholic men are being challenged like never before – financial problems, relationship problems, alcohol and drug abuse, pornography. Our faith cannot be lived in isolation. We all need our brothers to help point each other home. “As iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens his fellow man”, Proverbs 27:17.
We are men under spiritual construction and thus we are all “spiritual works in progress”. This means no man is spiritually complete! So by gathering in faith, we help one another move forward on the spiritual path.
Men need a safe space where they can openly discuss spiritual matters and have dialogue with like-minded men. CMF creates an ideal environment where men can gather to discuss their faith and salvation through Christ.
God gave each of us free will. By our human nature, men want to be in total control! The simple truth is that we as Christian men must surrender ourselves to Christ if His will for us is to work in our daily lives. CMF assists in reminding us of this spiritual nugget: “daily surrendering”.
In a world of negotiable values, confused identities, distorted priorities, false hopes and empty promises, CMF encourages and supports men to strive to be the best men that they can possibly be- Christ-like influences in their families, friendships, parishes, communities.
In essence, CMF helps men get connected with other men who seek to know, love and serve the Lord. We seek, as part of a fellowship, to discern and be formed in our faith so that we can live out God’s calling in our lives and our lay vocations.
Catholic Men’s Fellowship: “Helping to Change Men’s Lives for the Glory of God through Faith, Fellowship and Formation.”

Meetings take place on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 6:30am. 


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