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A perspective on what we believe and things you may not be aware of, or over time, have forgotten. These are short but good reads for your heart & soul.

A Word From Pope Benedict XVI The Greatest Mutation in History                                                                       A Word From Pope Benedict XVI On Hell

 A Word From Our Parish - First and Foremost, may God Bless your deceased loved one with mercy, peace and joy, and may God provide you with an abundant grace for you to continue with your life, with faith in Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and God the Father. Through this tribulation of your pain and sorrow will bring you joy that our Triune God lives and keeps all of His promises, and we are promised eternal life when we believe and act on those beliefs in Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." 

Please talk with Msgr. Tom Burdick, his blessing and healing power through Jesus Christ will remove obstacles from you to receive the full power of the Holy Spirit. Than you will be able to receive the full power of the Holy Spirit and be given faith, hope, and love and you will feel rejuvenated. God be with you in all things and follow Him all the days of your life. 


 Funeral Processes and Variations - What is available for the Roman Catholic

What are the Procedures and what do I want to do for the funeral? There are things below that will inform you of our faith and supply some various procedures that are available for the Roman Catholic, and of course things that we are cautioned on that are against what we believe, with some explanations for your understanding.

USCCB Bereavement and Funerals - Look through this site, it is full of information and many links on the lower side of this page on their site.

The Catholic Church Cremation and Burial at Sea.  In the movies it looks so romantic, with a lot of emotional feelings and so meaningful when they spray the ashes all over their favorite remembered area or the deceased favorite area. But in the real meaning of what is to take place, what do we really need to do for our fallen loved one? 

Apostolic Constitution-The Order for Funerals

Order of Christian Funerals - OCF411; OCF412OCF413-415OCF416OCF417OCF418-421OCF422-425