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SB-24 - READ ME !!

The California state Senate Education Committee recently approved Senate Bill 24, known as the College Student Right to Access Act. The bill would add a new chapter to state education code to require student health care clinics at all 34 California public colleges and universities to “offer abortion by medication techniques”—aka “the abortion pill” starting on Jan.1, 2023. A similar bill, SB 320, was attempted last year by the same senator. Shows how college campuses are targeted by the abortion industry. SB 24 includes new grant and deadlines, and allow “contracted external agency” personnel to administer chemical abortions in student health centers. This places considerable liabilities on the colleges. SB 24’s funding mechanism puts taxpayer-funded abortion in 2023.

The letter from Bishop Gerald Barnes

The Novena Prayer for a Miracle and stopping of this Bill  SB24

Detail and History of SB24

SB24 As Released - Both should read the same

SB24 as Amended - Both should read the same

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